SLS Mirror July - August 2017 - Page 7

Induction Week It's true when people say that you don't really know the meaning of something until you actually experience it. All of us, the new beings in the magical world that is a college, couldn't agree more even if we tried. We've all heard stories, legends and tales of how the years of college would go by you. It was the big day, our big day, the 10th of July that made every story we've ever heard suddenly make sense. The registrations for us, the fresh new batch of the year 2017 began, and so began our journey in PDPU. After a hearty lunch, our seniors had prepared exciting games and activities that not only introduced us to different people in our batch, but also proved to be amazing ice-breakers. The shyness that surrounded us all seemed to melt away, as we met people from different parts of our country, exchanged ideas and new friendships kindled around the place in abundance. I believe it's something in the air that makes everything seem so easy, so possible that it lls us with positivity. Then came the second day, and we were introduced to the ones that came before us, our Alumnis. The tales they recited, the fun they've had and the experiences the college has given them was amazing to witness. It made us feel welcomed in the arms of the magic that is college life. As overwhelming as the stories seemed, we needed to realize that some regime was still in question that needed to be followed and Ms. Niyati Trivedi briefed us about the same as she recited the academic rules that need to be followed and kept in mind while all the fun we can possibly have. Next came the games that not only enticed us on a visual basis but also made the wheels of our brain turn. The Mind Ripple Quiz stood true to its name and had us confusion about every answer. But, in all fairness, we did have something amazing to look forward to as they announced exciting prizes for the winners.The day ended with us being introduced to the ideas of what it means to be out in the real world and building something for ourselves. It seemed as if the members of IIC had ignited a re in our soul of how it feels like to build something marvelous just out a small idea. The next day was even more exciting as we were greeted by the Director of our university, Mr. Nigam Dave. The Dumbledore to our Harry Potter, who gave us the words of wisdom that all of us truly needed. He lled the room with such positivity that hung around the air for hours. 5