SLS Mirror July - August 2017 - Page 42

Student Reection Let's appreciate them With assurance from peon, while working all alone in ofce, 'Madam aap aaram se kaam karo,' I felt safe. With four men at work asking a female, 'Should I relieve you', I felt equal. With all women against a women but all men supporting her saying, 'You can do it, go on', I felt condent. With lots of vices around but simple assurance from men, 'Koi problem ho to bol dena mai tera bhai hi hu', I felt home. With men not commenting on a female but appreciating her looks, 'You look beautiful', I felt happy. With my watchman at hostel saying, 'Betiya khub aage badho ache se padhai karo', I felt blessed. With ample of worries in head while sending his daughter all alone but mere faith in daughter ,father said, 'Tu sau mardo se badhkar hai,tujhe sirf tu hi hara sakti hai', I felt independent. With the need for no women empowerment but women appreciation, I say, 'Thank you all the crucial males who supported me directly or indirectly by appreciating my growth and encouraging to grow more', I felt more respect for men. -Karishma Ruparelia, SLS16 40