SLS Mirror July - August 2017 - Page 31

International Exposure Program 2017 at Sacred Heart University Learning Insights from Media Production and Media Literacy group Media Literacy aimed to provide a fundamental learning in the different areas of Mass Media and production. Eight students from School of Liberal studies opted for the MPML program and had an enriching experience in learning vast elements of the Media Production. The students worked in various areas within these 4 weeks. From cameras to studios, from writing a script to shooting a lm, from pre-production to post production, the students enjoyed every bit of what they were taught. WEEK 1 Week 1 was an introduction week where students were taught the basics of lmmaking. Professor Wang took the students introduction and talked about the students’ past experiences in the eld of Mass Media. Meanwhile, Kara and Anthony were the student coordinators for MPML program. The students also learned about developing a vision, scripting and composition. The orientation programme also took in the rst week where all the students and faculties came to know each other. The Media Production and Media Literacy Program group headed to Frank and Marisa Martire Business and Communication Centre for their rst eld trip to Hammona set Beach for the week. They were given the cameras to look over their photography skills. The cinematography basics were also taught to students wherein the students were given different tasks of putting up their best shots with their camera. In addition, the basics of scriptwriting and the important points that should be taken care of were also discussed. The students were then given the task of producing their own lm. 29