SLS Mirror July - August 2017 - Page 30

International Exposure Program 2017 at Sacred Heart University pursuing a successful professional career. Successful entrepreneurs attended these sessions to tell their stories while providing opportunities for the group to interact with these individuals and learn from their successes. In addition, students were invited to a number of workshops on resume writing, setting of effective career goals, job search strategies, interviewing techniques and public speaking. These workshops equipped participants with the skills and information needed to obtain internships and full time employment opportunities. Apart from this, cultural exchanges helped us to accommodate and respect various other cultures of the world as there were students from Ireland, China and Albania in the program. Cultural social evenings organised twice for all of us with sumptuous Indian and Chinese delicacies were specially made to make us feel at home. It was indeed a trip that I will cherish for a lifetime and the memories made will be cherished forever. 28