SLS Mirror July - August 2017 - Page 29

International Exposure Program 2017 at Sacred Heart University Week 1: Global Business Environment The rst week of this intensive curriculum introduced essential business terms, tools and skills. SLS students learned about competitive markets, protability, risk and business modelling and engaged in discussions related to business ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. During week one, the professional development component was effective communication. Hands on sessions were geared towards improving capabilities in business writing and presentations and non-verbal communication. Technical writing, presentation preparation and effective speaking in a diverse, global business environment were emphasized. Week 2: Global Financial Markets Week two focused on the structure and dynamics of global nancial markets. Students studied the primary nancial markets and the assets traded in these markets The sessions helped develop a better understanding of how nancial markets work from both a theoretical and practical perspective, how different nancial markets interact and underpin the economy, and the increasing importance of information and technology in global nancial markets. These sessions were conducted in the state-of-the-art Trading Lab. Professional development sessions in week two included workshops on business etiquette, negotiation skills, time management and interpersonal communication skills. Week 3: Global Marketing The evaluation of global market opportunities and development of market entry and expansion strategies designed to create customer value was covered in week three. Students learned to assess global marketing opportunities and to develop and manage marketing strategies in a global setting. Digital marketing and social media marketing were emphasized throughout the week. During week three, free golf lessons were offered during the professional development session. The importance of golf and other activities as tools to facilitate networking was emphasized. Week 4: Entrepreneurship and Career Management Week four, the nal week, culminated with discussions on both starting a business and pursuing a successful professional career. Successful entrepreneurs attended these sessions to tell their stories while providing opportunities for the group to interact with these individuals and learn from their successes. 27