SLS Mirror July - August 2017 - Page 22

Independence Day Celebration Independence Day is not just about remembering the heroic deeds of our ancestors but also a reason to celebrate our culture, our nation and our existence. Just like every year, this year too, PDPU celebrated the Independence Day with same vigor and enthusiasm. The program started with the ag hoisting, followed with the parade and cultural programs. The march past of the NCC troop was in perfect synchronization and was the limelight of the day. With all the efforts put in by Lt. Anil Markana, ANO, 9 Gujarat Bt. and Lt. Khushali Purohit, ANO, 1 Guj. Girls Bt. we were able to put up a brilliant show with 3 platoons and a band marching this time. With JUO Yash Pandya leading the parade, the rst platoon was the boys platoon led by Corporal Sartaj Singh followed by the girls platoon led by JUO Rootu Patel, which was followed by the platoon of the rst year SLS students enrolled for the program of Exposure to NCC, led by Rhea Rajkumar, followed by the band led by Ex. SUO Akshar Patel. Exposure to NCC is a program started by SLS to introduce the students to the basics of NCC since not everybody gets a chance to be enrolled for the three year program due to limited vacancies. The director general of the college then took over to shed some light on the advancement of India in the past years and the need of the hour for the future progress, followed by the felicitation ceremony of the Cadets. The following cadets were promoted to the following ranks: 1. Junior Under Ofcer Yash Pandya promoted to the rank of Senior Under Ofcer 2. Junior Under Ofcer Rootu Patel promoted to the rank of Senior Under Ofcer 3. Sergeant Chirag Meghwal promoted to the rank of Junior Under Ofcer 4. Corporal Sartaj Singh promoted to the rank of Sergeant 5. Lance Corporal Rohan Jitiya promoted to the rank of Corporal 6. Cadet Fariburz Irani promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal The event was then proceeded by a cultural showcase (DETAILS TO BE ADDED) The event concluded with Neelothpal Sen expressing his vote of thanks to the involved people for making the event as vibrant and cheerful. Thus, seventy years of freedom was celebrated with immense pride and joy. 20