SLS Mirror July - August 2017 - Page 17

Project NAMASTE 5.0 Project NAMASTE 5.0 was the 10th project hosted by Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University and AIESEC in Ahmedabad. The projects are hosted with an aim to increase internationalization on campus, develop leadership skills among the students, promote real life learning experiences, disband multi-cultural stereotypes and develop world perspectives. Project NAMASTE 5.0 was all about 35+ internationals from 16+ different countries interning at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University from 5th July, 2017 to 17th August, 2017. NAMASTE 5.0 revolves around the idea of letting the Exchange Participants experience the University life in India alongside creating an impact on the society. The project supported the Sustainable Development Goal number 4 i.e. Quality Education by the United Nations.The major objective of the project was to create an impact and awareness regarding the education in rural areas by analyzing ground realities and then suggesting solutions for the problem faced. Along with this, it also focused on providing Exchange Participants a life changing experience by getting them out of their comfort zones, giving them space to interact with University and local people thereby ensuring a fair deal of cultural exchange and personal development. Grand Global Village Date: 3rd August, 2017 Global Village is one of the most important event in an Exchange Participants' journey in the country as it aims at providing international cultural understanding to the attendees. It's a colorful affair as the participants set up stalls of their countries in the most traditional manner and welcome people hence encouraging interaction. It is done to bring forward various cultures and countries in order to celebratediversity and global participation. Global Village is closely related to AIESEC's mission of 'Peace and fulī€llment of humankind's potential' as it brings whole world under one roof. This time Grand Global Village which happened in Pandit Deendayal University witnessed the participation of 1500+ students from the University as well as some dignitaries of the university. It was a colorful affair where Exchange Participants put up their country stalls along with their native food, traditional attire, tourist attractions and several other things debunking the myths for their country and giving a glimpse of it. The evening was full of fun, learnings, interaction, and memories. Cultural Showcase Date: 10th August, 2017 India is known for its diversity and the various dance forms it has. All the Exchange Participants in NAMASTE get an exposure to so many different activities apart from the project that they do. With the motive of giving them a glimpse of various dance forms of India, team NAMASTE 5.0 had organized CULTURAL SHOWCASE. They performed dances like Garba, Bhangra and Bollywood in groups. Hana, an Egyptian girl adores Bollywood music so much that she sang some of her favorite Bollywood songs and surprised the audience. Raffy from China also showcased her talent by singing an English song. All the performances were mindblowing. The University auditorium was jampacked with around 650+ students 15