SLS Mirror July - August 2017 - Page 12

Neuroscience Course-international Exposure Program, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Il, USA 2017 “Every new experience, every piece of information that one learns, every skill that one masters, causes changes in the brain that alters one's future behaviour.” The course served as a basic understanding of the eld of Neuroscience. The students were introduced to the relationship between the nervous system and the behaviour, brain functions, the scientic process, which included the comprehension of the scientic method and fundamentals of experimental design. The students also learned how to critically evaluate current research in Neuroscience. The classes took place from 9.30 am to 11.30 am daily taught by our Professor, Dr Hylin. He taught Neuroscience through presentations which consisted of a lot of diagrams and short notes. Dr Hylin never failed to mention that he loved having us as his students and enjoyed answering our questions. The weekly 100 marks tests were quite challenging, and demanded an intensive reading. The tests weren't easy as the questions were twisted for our understanding. 10