SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 43

STUDENT REFLECTION The Life of a College Bibliophile We are the shameless book lovers. We can spend days in our libraries and that my friend would be our perfect holiday. The smell of those old pages is the one that allure us. The touch of a new book is the one that carresses us. Our pocket money is all sacriced in discovering those new mysteries. Our emotions are all exhausted in loving the non-existent. We might miss those lectures but we won't ever miss those stories. We might not know all those ministers but we surely know the authors you have never heard of. And reading is denitely not the only skill we possess. We can't just read those stories but we can nd one in every life. We can't just understand those characters but we can even comprehend your eyes. We know the world better because we have explored the details of all the lands you have never heard of. We know the emotions better because we have felt them all with the pages we discern. The Earth is a happier planet to us for we forget all our miseries in our fanatic worlds. The Earth is a better planet to us for our friends hide in those pages. We don't fear what is to come for we have been to far galaxies and back. We love the surprises of life for mysteries are our best-loved. To you it might be a weird addiction. But to me it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle so contenting. Creating a life ever gorgeous. - Hiteshree Dudani 41