SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 40

WINTER INTERNSHIPS - DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY 2016 - 17 got the opportunity to accompany the in-house psychiatrist in her counselling sessions. Apart from learning the functioning of a de-addiction centre, they were also fortunate to access and utilise their vast research library in elds of psychiatry and psychology and attend a few seminars for the same. The hospital was welcoming to their presence and open to their questions. Their internship was an enriching experience and will denitely help them in their future endeavours as their rst practical exposure to counselling and hospital management. PRIVATE CLINIC - Surat Trishla Surana from SLS 2014 interned 21 days at private clinic in Surat. She mostly worked with depth of taking a case study using the CCTVs where she could rewind or forward or pause to get the detail with their body languages. She got the exposure of CBT and its relevance in modern indian society. She was given hands on different types of test or checklist like HTP, WISC and Y-BOCS. She had to submit three case studies at the end of her term. It gave her a practical insight and a better view of what lies ahead in the eld of psychology 38