SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 4

REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS Republic Day is celebrated with overwhelming zest and unmatched patriotism throughout the nation. We at PDPU, also contributed to these celebrations in our own way. On this day, the Constitution of the world's largest democracy came into effect. So it was on this day that we truly became independent. Year 2017 marked India's 68th Republic Day. The Republic day celebration began sharp at 9:00 am with the arrival of the chief guest, Dr. T Kishen Kumar Reddy, Director General of PDPU. With heads held high and hearts lled with joy, the Tricolour was hoisted by the chief guest, followed by rendition of National Anthem. Following the unfurling of Tiranga, the march past by the NCC cadets was in perfect harmony and showcased their discipline and co- ordination with the beats of the drum. It was followed by an inspiring speech by Dr. T Kishen Kumar Reddy who paid tribute to the sacrices of the great leaders of the nation. He stressed on the importance of becoming a self-dependent nation by using Indian products, which is essential to boost the economy of the country. The event was anchored by Ms. Roohi Patel. There was a beautiful dance performance by Soul Pepper, the dance and dramatics club of PDPU, followed by melodious singing of patriotic songs by the students of the music club, Offbeat. Last but not the least, Madhav Joshi, the General Secretary of Social and Cultural committee, shared his views on the present state of our nation. 2