SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 36

SAKHI SAHAY PROJECT 2016 being is nearing a threshold. It is pertinent that the gender differences inherent in all of these issues -- invisibility, stereotypes, pathways to crime, bootlegging, shop lifting, addiction, abuse, homelessness, and relationships -- need to be addressed at all levels of criminal justice involvement. The reason being that such issues and stereotypes that the women face, if addressed properly will have a major impact on female offenders successful transition to the community, in terms of both programming needs and successful re-entry. Fortunately these issues have been addressed by Ahmedabad Police with the help of the NGO 'Wings to Fly' by working in a model which works towards Restorative Justice. Conclusion: The event closed with a visit to see the workshop and display of work done by these women. There was an atmosphere of positivity and hope to collaborate further and work towards bringing positive changes in the society. 34