SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 35

SAKHI SAHAY PROJECT 2016 societal changes experienced by the women after being guided by the NGO into their new profession. Recommendations and Suggestions of the Study: ·Industry support is of paramount importance for the sustainability of Ahmedabad City Police initiative ·The framework of restorative justice is best suited as it will also help in the reduction of recidivism ·Vocational and educational training ,planning and execution should be initiated ·Policies and practices for women have to be framed to incorporate continuity of care ·Concept of peer educators should be developed so that there is continuity of guiding younger women so that they do not resort to criminal ways ·Scholarship for children of these women who show commitment towards this project ·Proper assessment/classication of needs of individual women ·Experts and well trained staff offering training workshops ·Self help groups should be formed and bank loans should be made available ·Marketing and outreach programs to industry need to be undertaken more vigourously ·Gender Action Plans needs to be formulated to see that the changes regarding reform and empowerment are stable Conclusion of the Study Most indicators in this study were selected keeping in mind the unique subjectivity of the participants. The study has argued for a further consolidation of the concerted action being put in tandem by the Police and the NGO. It appears that the rst demographic of employment i.e. liberation has been achieved. But for self-sufciency and stability of social standards a larger coverage of social sector schemes among the community is essential. Thus it is a compelling nding in our research that a greater degree of mainstreaming has already been achieved and the social and psychological well 33