SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 33

SAKHI SAHAY PROJECT 2016 The Audience comprised of around 150 Chhara Women, Members of the Press, Police and Student interns of SLS, PDPU Commissioner Police, Mr. Anup Kumar Singh “ The Project instils hope that Reformative justice is a possibility” He assured all present that he is committed to take forward the good work of his predecessors and work towards up scaling the project seeing its potential and the benet it can bring to the community. He also said that efforts will be made to delist women who have given up on criminal ways. He also wished to collaborate further with PDPU on various aspects of the project. DG Raksha Setu University, Mr. Vikas Sahay IPS: He was instrumental in initiating the scientic study when he was Commissioner Police. He said “much is to learn from the women involved in the process. The resilience and commitment that is shown towards reform is inspirational”. He complimented SLS Faculty team for documenting the project successfully and effectively. Director General PDPU, Prof T. Kishen Kumar Reddy: He complimented Director SLS and appreciated the efforts of Faculty and Students involved in the project saying that community out reach and live projects enhance the value of education and University education experience. He thanked the Commissioner Police and Ahmedabad City Police for the opportunity and reassured that PDPU will always support such noble endeavours. All the student interns were given certicates by the Commissioner Police thereby encouraging them. Sakhi Sahay Project is one of the unique extension programme of Ahmedabad City Police under the 'Suraksha Setu' Project which is enabling the women bootleggers of Chhara Community to leave their tainted past behind, and earn a living through creative skills and training and live a dignied life. These women are now learning and earning through creative skills under the guidance and monitoring of NGO 'Wings to Fly' and Police ofcials. Ahmedabad City Police Kubernagar Chowky has allocated two rooms where women learn 31