SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 29

SLS RURAL INTERNSHIP 2016 - 17 big area of learning for most students when it comes to Agriculture and they were exposed to that during their interaction with farmers Infrastructure Lack of technical know-how and cutting edge knowledge has sustained a culture of adaptation and innovation in the Indian countryside for long. This is visible in the way roof tops are constructed with ecological advantage, and use of kuccha roads for transit. Students working in this area were encouraged to develop a keen sense of inquiry and learn from people working on the ground. Sustainable Living While this area is all pervasive throughout the entire internship, students made key observations from rural households. There is plenty to learn from sub areas like use of cook ware, to adaptations to harsh winter and summer that local people specially women make use of which enriched the students. Internship Visits and Learning Students were exposed to the working of the NGO, visits to various colleges and schools run by it, visit to the dairy farm, Government ofces DRDA,ICDS, Jilla Gram Vikas Agency. Sanskrit Balvikas Yojna, Khati, visit to tribal areas of Sitra, Ta- Amirgarh- Gram Shilpi, Sawoday Kendra- Dholi Bhakhri, Ta. Amirgarh. Village visits to Ruppura, Lalavada, Dhelana and Ratanpur. Visit to Anganvadi/Primary School High school, Contribution of Anganvadi/Primary School/ Highschool in rural Development. Visit to Dairy and Seva Sahkari mandli (Co.Operative Group) Contribution of Dairy and Seva Sahkari Mandli in Rural Development, visit to Gram Sachivalay and its contribution in Rural Development Village Visit To meet Aasha Workers and to know about their work. Visit to primary Health Centre and sub centre. Contribution of primary Health Centre and sub centre in Rural Development. Exposure to Black smithing, Carpentry, Stitching, Pottery, handicraft, catering. Introduction of Sakhi mandal, Yuvak Mandal, Mahila Mandal, religious Places and their Contribution in Rural Development. Participation in farmers' daily activity at his home, Cooking, button stitching, farming, Livestock breeding, embroidery, stitching, weaving, pottering, village songs etc. 27