SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 28

SLS RURAL INTERNSHIP 2016 - 17 their life. For many it was a joy to actually pluck vegetables from the farm and cook themselves the way those living in huts do. The students had to help the villagers in their daily chores at home and in farms and markets among various other things. A number of eld trips and interactions were scheduled for the students during their internship. Theme RI-2016 This year the focus was on four important factors during the internship. These were, Sustainable living in Household, Education, Infrastructure, and Agriculture. The internship was modeled around exposing students broadly to work related to these areas. These areas were further divided into subareas; like learning in infrastructure which included roads, electricity and drinking water. Similarly, hygiene is a big part of rural health which was observed. The aim of the internship was to bring together the experiences of all 113 students and categorize them into these four areas. Students learnt from the best practices in the hinterland and remote areas of Ratanpur and Virampur. For this they had to decipher and note down key innovations and practices suitable to communities living in those areas. Education Students while on visit to schools during their internship were encouraged to look at curriculum, teaching procedures, and examination pattern that are used in these institutions. Having a proper knowledge of the process of learning enabled them to better acquaint themselves with the best practices in these schools. Agriculture Being the primary occupation in the area, the scope for learning in this area was immense for students. As a rule, students were made to understand nuances like soil prole, irrigation habits and other local adaptations to survive the arid nature of the climate. Students were encouraged to seek inputs from experienced cultivators and village elders about weather prediction models, and soil rotation policies and other innovative practices followed in the region. Local folklore is a 26