SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 25

SPIC MACAY - RONU MAJUMDAR SPIC MACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music Amongst Youth) PDPU Chapter is a branch of the SPIC MACAY fraternity which aims at encouraging Indian classical music and dance. SPIC MACAY PDPU Chapter had organized several events promoting Indian classical and folk dance styles like Gotipua- the majestic dance style from Orissa, Purulia Chhau (Folk Dance of West Bengal) and a performance by Dr. Kamala Shankar (Shankar Guitar Player). On the 11th January 2017 an event featured a world renowned artist with a Pt. Ronu Majumdar, in the campus. Ronu ji's Bansuri is transcendental. It transports you to a zone where divinity reigns supreme and produces a balmy effect thereby taking us on a spiritual journey. His Bansuri keeps juggling between eras. At one moment, it reminds you of the mythical Ras Leela of Lord Krishna and his Gopis; the next instance could be a jam session with ace guitarist Ry Cooder and Lary Coryell. He has extensively recorded for Bollywood greats like R. D. Burman, Gulzar, Khayyam, Vishal Bharadwaj to name a few. In 1994, Ronu ji recorded for the Merchant Ivory lm “In Custody”, music of which was composed by Zakhir Hussain. The music of India's rst I- Max lm (Mystic India) was also scored by Pt. Ronu Majumdar. The event was an amazing opportunity for the students to interact with the artists. 23