SLS Mirror Dec - Jan 2017 - Page 14

SPSS WORKSHOP Department of Economics, School of Liberal Studies organized SPSS Workshop on 12th January 2017. An expert statistician from IBM SPSS, Mr Subramanya was the honourable guest for the session. The workshop was organized for demonstrating the usefulness of SPSS Software for research in social sciences and to understand the basics of the software for beginners. The session began with welcome of the guests by Ms Niral Desai, nal year student of Economics major. She welcomed Prof Nigam Dave, Dean and Director, School of Liberal Studies, Prof Prashanta Panda, Head of the Department of Economics, SLS and Mr Subramanya, expert statistician from IBM SPSS. Prof Nigam Dave encouraged the audience to attend the session as it was a useful opportunity to learn the software for data analysis purposes. Prof Panda welcomed the guests and explained how the workshop would be useful both for faculties and students. Mr Subramanya began the workshop by explaining the history of SPSS Software and how its latest version SPSS 24 has evolved over a period of years. He demonstrated the worksheet of SPSS on the projector and gave a step-by-step guide on how to use the software. Mr Subramanya explained that the four stages of any data-analysis procedure is data collection, data preparation, data analysis and data interpretation. He explained how SPSS software is capable of importing data not only from MS Excel sheets but also from MS Word les. In his session, he covered various aspects of the the software like copying data properties, how to recode variables, visual binning method, how to plot graphs, use descriptive statistics, use custom tables, handle multiple response sheets, compare means, conduct t-test and Anova test, compute correlation, cluster analysis, etc which turned out to be very useful for students currently learning data analysis in theory. 12