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coffee ALWA YS letter from the editor Let me tell you a few things I know about you. If you’re reading this, chances are you live in The Happiest Place In America. Chances are you don’t hate the outdoors and you probably don’t hate coffee and you’re probably pretty smart. And most likely good looking since we have like the best looking people on the planet here. That makes you top like .01% of the luckiest and most blessed people on the planet. This is a gift you’ve been given. Do that gift justice. Go outside, go get some coffee, take some selfies (remember, you’re very good looking), go take a hike, support the amazing locals we have who are talented beyond belief, go to Farmers Market and watch the sunset on the beach. I hope this issue helps you appreciate the place we live, the moment we’re living in it, and the exciting potential that simply living in San Luis Obispo has to offer. Also, could we get coffee sometime? I’m dying for more excuses to go to Bello Mundo. K great. Tons of love, Asia BLOGGER OMISSION Na SNAPCHAT een qu N E V I R D e r u t iP c ker R O ID T in HIEF C ta E next OPRAH CONFIDENT