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HO W to ERE EXIT egUSEt THETHHIGHLIAND FROM CAMPUS FOLLOW HIGHLAND AVE. PAST SANTA ROSA INTERSECTION THEN TURN ON PATRICIA DRIVE THE TRAILHEAD WILL BE ON YOUR LEFT WITH A SIGN Many residents and visitors of San Luis Obispo flock to Bishop Peak Trail; however, many may not realize the beautiful trails that lie beneath the mountain. Although you can reach the trail by using the same trail head as Bishop Peak Trail, Felsman Loop actually has its own trailhead off of Patricia Drive. This 2.7 mile loop is guided by signs at forks in the trail to keep you from getting lost. This trail starts with a short walk to a paved road that leads to a water holding tank. Once you pass this point the rest of the trail will be dirt. The trail will lead you onto the ridges of the hills surrounding Bishop Peak, as well as through some wooded sections that wrap around the sides of these hills. At the backside of the loop the best views are possible. Looking North you can see many of the ‘Seven Sisters’ on a clear day, and looking South you can view Cal Poly’s campus. There is a designated bench you sit on and check out the views, and many trees you can hang a hammock from and relax! Many of the hills you will encounter on this hike are rolling, so you can easily walk off the trail and have a little picnic with a view. In addition, if you look hard enough there is an actual picnic bench hidden in the brush with quite the view! This loop is a wonderful sunset hike if you are not willing to trek it all the way to the top of Bishop, or if you are looking for a more leisure outing.