Sleeves Magazine July August 2017 - Page 8

HOW DID YOU DISCOVER YOUR TALENT IN SURFING? HOW OLD WERE YOU THEN? I never really considered it as a talent of mine. It's just always been something I've enjoyed doing very much. The first time I surfed was when I was 11, on a small river in Munich. Ater that I surfed a lot in the ocean and at the famous Eisbach river. Foto: Jose Emilio de Veyra WHAT ARE THE DANGERS OF SURFING ON BIG WAVES? HOW MANY SURFING COMPETITIONS HAVE YOU JOINED? Around ten competitions. Some in the ocean and some in the river. WHICH SURFING COMPETITION WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE TO YOU? Most memorable surfing competition was the World Junior Surfing Games 2011 in Peru with the German National Team. Visiting a country so far away at a young age was great, and of course meeting people from all over the world was fun. Big wave surf spots have many diļ¬€erent dangers. At some of them you can have long deep water hold- downs. Some spots are very shallow so it's likely to hit the ground. Big wave surfers are always very well trained and work in teams. HAS THERE BEEN ANY SURFING SPECIAL EVENT THAT WAS ORGANIZED AT EISBACH? OR IS EISBACH JUST A PLACE TO SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS TO GO SURFING? Sometimes the local surf crews organise events, which are usually created by friends for friends. Sleeves Magazine