Sky's Up Summer 2016 - Page 32

There’s lots to love in the night sky By DAVID H. LEVY Sky’s Up Editor in Chief Last night, as I struggled to get one of my telescopes working again, I understood just how difficult modern astronomy can be for an amateur astronomer. I stopped for a few minutes, looked up at the sky, and tried to grasp what was up there. I’ve looked at the sky thousands of times, and the sky has always responded nicely. But last night was a little different. Instead of a known set of constellations bright and faint, and stars with which I was always familiar, the sky presented a panorama of celestial treasures from which I could choose. As I looked around the sky, it seemed as though that sky was all new to me, and I had but to choose from the plethora of gifts. This is the magic of the sky that is available to each of you. I hope you never tire of the newness, the freshness, of the night sky. What the night sky has to offer each different evening is truly amazing, and after more than 60 years I still find [