Sky's Up July-September 2017 - Page 56

the art of astronomy the art of astronomy Astrophotographer: Gary Palmer Astrophotographer: Gary Palmer The Sun These images are portraits of the Sun in the Hydrogen- alpha and Calcium-K wavelengths of light. Above, in this image from Feb. 20, 2005, active regions 735 and 736 churn the Sun and explode producing an extraordinary coronal mass ejection off the western limb. Right, this image from July 2, 2006, shows active region 898 and a prominence. Solar astrophotographer Gary Palmer says when it comes to solar imaging, a steady atmosphere is key. For more of his work, visit www. or 56 The Sun On Aug. 8, 2005, a Calcium-K Sun featuring active regions 792, 794 and 795 rises in the east and creates a beautiful backdrop for this black bird perched comfortably on a tree top. Sky ’ s Up Sky ’ s Up 57