Sky's Up July-September 2017 - Page 54

the art of astronomy the art of astronomy Astrophotographer: Jack Newton Astrophotographer: Jack Newton The Sun The tumultuous personality of our star resonates in this photo by Newton. He captured this image using a Coronado So larMax II 90mm double stack solar telescope with an H-alpha filter and a DMK 31 AUO CCD camera. It was processed with Registax. Solar Eclipse Top, this image of the July 11, 1991, total solar eclipse in Baja, Mexico, was taken with a Borg 4” refractor. Above, Newton’s first total solar eclipse was March 7, 1970, in Oaxaca, Mexico. This image of the diamond ring was taken with a 450mm telescope. Right, this image of a partial eclipse of the setting Sun was taken from the Observatory B&B in Osoyoos, British Columbia. 54 Sky ’ s Up Sky ’ s Up 55