Sky's Up - Fall 2015 - Page 34

the art of astronomy the art of astronomy Astrophotographer: Jack B. Newton Astrophotographer: Chuck Kimball The Sun Draco Dwarf The tumultuous personality of our star resonates in this photo by Newton. He captured this image using a Coronado SolarMax II 90mm double stack solar telescope with an H-alpha filter and a DMK 31 AUO CCD camera. It was processed with Registax and Adobe PhotoShop. Kimball captured this photo of the Draco Dwarf spheroidal galaxy in June 2014 with an Explore Scientific 208mm Newtonian outfitted with an ES coma corrector and a CanonXsi/450dH DSLR modified by Hutech Astronomical Products. The image is a stack of 60 five-minute exposures at ISO 800 and 1600. NGC 2647 “I was inspired to work on this object by an image from Bernhard Hubl with the European team CEDIC. The driving force of the nebulosity is not clear but is likely strongly affected by HD 64315, the brighter star in S311, the lighter portion to the right of center. There are two cataloged open clusters near the center.” The image, which was taken in February, was acquired using an ES 208mm Newtonian with an ES coma corrector, a Canon XT/350D DSLR modified by Hap Griffin and a