SKORCH May 2017 - Page 204

Skorch INTERVIEW INTERVIEW HAVE YOU ALWAYS BEEN CONFIDENT? Honestly no I have not always been confident. Like most people we have our ups and downs, but what makes me confident is knowledge and strength. FAVE BRANDS? Lingerie hands down “It’s my state of Liberty”, Asos Curve, 17 Sundays, Remi Ray London, Embody Denim, Christian Omeshun and Vetements (sadly don’t think I could afford lol) WHAT BRANDS HAVE YOU MODELLED FOR? I have modelled for it’s my state of Liberty and Sonsee. WHAT’S YOUR GO TO OUTFIT THAT MAKES YOU FEEL AMAZING? High Waisted jeans or slim leg pants, plunge black shirt, neck tie, Hermes belt (cost me a fortune) and some heels with lip gloss and highlight. WHAT’S PLANNED FOR 2017 Well I’m now signed to Silverfox Management Group - so hoping there’s a lot more installed for me in 2017.. and if I get out there and spread the word on curve and mature models I will be happy. So stay tuned! DO YOU FEEL THE MEDIA REPRESENTS YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC? No unfortunately I don’t think it does to the extent I would like to see. Curve/Mature models need to be seen more in mainstream fashion. However I cried when I saw Vetements 17/18 collection, as they had such diversity with their models, it was so beautiful to see and something I haven’t seen before in high fashion.