SKORCH May 2017 - Page 133

by LEAH VERNON People always ask me about style, fashion. To me, the two are totally different. Anyone can dress fashionably, follow trends. The real question is do you have true style? Style is being ahead of the trendy curve. I’m not very trendy, never have been. I’m a story-teller. So, with every shoot I do and every item I slip on, I need my ensemble to cohesively tell a story to the viewer. I like to think of myself as a work of art. I want someone to look at my photo and immediately elicit some kind of emotion, thought, and most importantly, a conversation. Who is this fat girl? Why does she cover her hair? She’s Muslim! Oh, she’s black and high fashion? I want to get to know this individual on a deeper level. For this photo-set, I wanted to do the monochrome look. And, honestly you can never go wrong wearing all black. I felt domineering and feminine. A bit of a rockstar. Like I should totally have my own band or something.” style leader