SKORCH May 2017 - Page 130

Skorch F INTERVIEW E AT U R E Shaming someone based on looks speak volumes of bad we need to work on this issue. For me is an honor to be a woman, but what about you? Do you love being a woman? Join the conversation and let me know what you think about this campaign. THE FACES OF “AMAMOS SER MUJER” Gardenia Ramírez, 56 años, @gardenialujan Mahuay Fernández Criollos, 21 años, @criollosinpabellon Maria Fernanda Ollarves, 27 años,@nirvavic Diamantes Palacios, 30 años,@diamante_87 Braylimar Prado, 16 años,@braylimar_prado Veronica Caldera, 27 años,@veronicacaldera82 Chantal Celis, 35 años,@chantalcelism Credits : Teri Fiske - Photographer Direction: Chantal Celis , @chantalcelism Photography: Luis Alfredo González , @luisalfredo_photo Asistant: David Herrera , @davidherrera1314 Wardrope assitant : Tahimaru Esaa , @maruesaa13 MUA and make up: Leskia Miranda , @leskiamiranda / Tahimaru Esaa , @maruesaa13 Accesories:@anikavzla @accesoriosksvzla Skorch