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Sweet Pete Brown is a singer, writer and amateur astronomer currently living in Las Vegas. Singer for The Benders and Sweet Pete Brown and the Natural Facts.

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Comedy, Tragedy And The Truth


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happened to run into an old friend, Shannon. We hadn't talked to each other for about a year and she happened to be departing with her other project and asked" You guys need a singer?" Talk about stars aligning!!!!!! Then with the departure of our previous drummer and a few auditions later, we were fortunate enough to have Andy join our weird collection of nerd/dorks /weirdos and make our sound huge!!!!!

Shannon and I were in a band for a short while about almost a decade ago!!! We’ve remained friends ever since. Zack and I were in a band before this one for about five years or so. The drummer and I from that band pretty much snagged him from another band. It was wrong, but it felt so right!!! Andy is the FNG!!! I think he wants to fight me?!?!?!? Nah, we’re lucky to have picked up an amazing drummer and awesome guy!!!.......Don’t tell him I said that.

What are some of your musical influences? What led you to play the guitar.

Well, I love my rock and metal!!! Influences would have to be Killswitch Engage, Periphery, Metallica, Sevendust, Chevelle, Pantera and I’ll stop there cause that list can go on forever!!!! I like aggression, complexity, a controlled chaos that makes you listen to the music. It’s molded me as the guitarist that I am today. Funny enough, I grew up on 90’s rap and R&B!!! It wasn’t until I got into junior high, when I started playing an instrument. I actually wanted to get into band and play drums, but I heard at the time that students in drum line had to have their own drum set, which my mom couldn’t afford. So, I went with my friend into orchestra and played cello. Which peaked my curiosity with another string instrument, the guitar.

How do feel “Stereoglass”is doing so far?

The band is getting close to having enough for an album and with Andy banging on stuff, Zack’s funky licks and Shannon’s pterodactyl cries, it’s gonna be good!!!

Tell me about the writing process for the band.

I love to write. A lot of guitarists want to be shredders and usually that’s their benchmark for how good a guitarist they are. For me as a player, I take pride in my writing/composing and to be able to bounce off ideas with another creative mind and bring a collection of beautiful noise and energy into existence?!?!?!?!? It’s exciting!!!! I love to write with my band, so a collaboration would be a fun endeavor!!!!

Do you have any albums yet? What are you currently working on?

We don’t have a finished album yet, we’re a few songs away with the finish line in view.

However we did have a great time cutting an EP and filming a music video for " Out song another time ." That being our first one, it was an experience for us and we are looking forward too many more.

I wanted to thank Shannon and Zack from "Stereoglass " for taking time out to talk about the band and give Sin City Presents readers a better insight on the band. If you haven’t heard of the band " Stereoglass " check out their Facebook page and my favorite quote from their band page " Where the rabbit hole, leads the ones who seek to find. A place with no gravity, and no reason to look behind."

Here is their one and only music video " Another Time ."

Stereoglass - "Another Time"

Directed by: CREATIVE CTRL Follow Stereoglass at: