Sin City Presents Magazine September 2018 Volume 5 Issue 08 - Page 51

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Photos and interview by Charlene Zezulka

I like that duality. Shannon has great plans for 2018 for" Stereoglass”. This year, the plan is to just write a lot and continue playing local shows and slowly introduce new songs into the set as they finish them.

Shannon do you have any memorable or funny stories that she would like to share with our readers?

When we were shooting our first (and only so far) music video together, we had light up rubber balls the guys were throwing at each other. At some point, I took video of Zack spitting one at Luis which was a great distance and aim on it. Then he asked me for some crackers to try to " get the taste of balls" out of his mouth.

Creating songs and composing melody and lyrics for any artist has meaning. Which song has the most meaning for you?

Shannon said, " Pay it Back," has the most meaning for her. The lyrics are about my mom and my granddad, both of whom raised me single -handedly for different periods of my childhood. They're buried side by side, father and daughter, at the cemetery just a mile from my house. I think about them every day. " Blair's Song" is an acoustic instrumental piece that Zack wrote with Luis adding his guitar part, and I believe that one is pretty special to Zack.

I asked Shannon if the band has ever collaborated with other musicians while writing a song?

Shannon: In this project, we haven't but we certainly aren't ruling the idea out. It could be a lot of fun!

Lou how did you get involved with "Stereoglass"?

I was in another band with Zack that was on hiatus that had us chomping at the bit to start something new. The way this band first formed was crazy. Our previous drummer Lyle was a transfer from North Carolina to our job where Zack and I worked and happened to be an awesome drummer. So three of us decided to jam and at our first jam session I