Sin City Presents Magazine September 2018 Volume 5 Issue 08 - Page 50



A glimpse into the band "Stereoglass"

Meet “Stereoglass”! Fronted by Shannon Haffa on vocals, Andy Fusco drums, Zack Brad bass and vocals, and Luis Villas guitar and vocals.

I love seeing new local bands and the Komp 92.3 Homegrown show at House of Blues is the perfect place to do just that. Other local bands playing that night included “The Nocturnal Affair" and "Hidden Scars." Both who have been featured here previously.

Grateful for the photo access provided by “Stereoglass” I wanted Sin City Presents readers to get to know "Stereoglass”, and they were gracious enough to spend some time with me.

When and how "Stereoglass" was formed?

The band was formed on September 16th and Luis, Jeremy and Zack Brad who plays bass and vocals were in a previous band " Crash Kit" that was on hiatus, and we wanted to keep playing music and with the help of our good friend Lyle we decided start a new project. While rehearsing in the early stages we ran into Shannon at the rehearsal studio as she was just leaving her previous project and looking for a new one. Seeing it as a good opportunity we formed " Stereoglass." After we started playing shows and getting more serious, we needed to make a few lineup changes. Unable to find a new bass player Zack Brad decided to make the switch late on September 17th and thus making the band a 4 piece. One more lineup change and quite a few drummer tryouts later we came across Andy. Fitting like a glove we are currently writing new music and looking forward to the future and expanding the reach of "Stereoglass".

Zack can you share some of your musical influences with us?

My influences range from "Blink 182" to "Limp Bizkit ." I'm always going back to my post grunge playlist on Spotify. I grew up listening to "Stained", " Filter", "System of the Down", "Disturbed" and "Red Hot Chili Peppers." My modern influences would be " Nothing More", "Chevelle" and " Dance Gavin Dance." After seeing my first show in 2006, a Warped tour in San Diego I wanted to perform. I was watching Adam D from "Killswitch Engaged " and saw that he was having so much fun onstage. "Hey, who wouldn't love to get paid to do that!" Having high energy on stage and performing in a way that people can feel the music rather than just hearing is important to me. So if people ever see me going nuts on stage well, I'm doing good then.

Andrew Fusco after reading his response to the questions I submitted to the band I would have to say is the funny man of the group. He said "the band had the good fortune of meeting me after their previous drummer left the band in June 2018. Lucky for them (and you ladies out there) I was unattached. I immediately brought a level of bad ass rockery to the group that had yet to be achieved.

As far as Andrew's musical influences I would like to tell you the truth about that but it's too embarrassing. To say you were influenced by Lars Ulrich is drum career suicide. But to be fair, it was pre-1988 Lars influence, when he could still play.

I'm also very much into afra-cuban speed metal and Yanni. I joined the band as drummer in July 2018, about a month before the bands biggest show at House of Blues. The band asked me if I could learn 30 minutes of music and a cover in as much time. My only response ...... " hold my beer." of course the day of the show my musician self-hate kicked in and I had to sh*t twice before the show waiting to go on. Never played for such a big audience in such a dream place. But we did what we do, kick ass. Even if on the inside our innards are twisted.

Shannon Haffa, lead singer is inspired and influenced with everything from post punk to disco with some goth, southern rock, and funk in between.

“I love grunge and alternative” say’s Shannon my top 5 influences would be Glenn Hughes, Chrissie Hynde, Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, and Ann Wilson.

Do you play any instruments Shannon?

Yes, bass, I gravitated towards playing bass and singing because they are rather opposite. High end and low end, center of attention juxtaposed with rhythm section