Sin City Presents Magazine September 2018 Volume 5 Issue 08 - Page 46

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By: Steven Troy

Chicks ROCK... they really do... not necessarily in the traditional sense that most guys think... although they SO rock in that sense... but in lots of ways. Now, I'm a musician, and from what I've seen, a lot of guy musicians have attitudes about girl musicians. I'm the opposite... I love it! NOTHING better than a hott babe onstage, rockin' out... and Carol Lyn is ALL that! As hot as it gets... but that's not what I see. She's one of a handful of people that I have know ever since I moved here, a LONG time ago, and I met her in a musical way, so she's always been one of the boys to me... and one of the hardest working, most dedicated musicians I've ever know. We could ALL learn something by the way she rolls! She just will NOT quit! She's gonna keep rockin', no matter what the 'biz throws at her! Her long time band, DANGEROUS CURVES, went up and down, up and down... quit it, fellas... over many years, but still, kept pluggin' away. Lot's of side projects, lots of guest appearances, she is determined to Rock the fuck OUT, no matter what! A fave of mine, she was the original singer in Aces High... her doing Maiden was unreal! When she landed the ORIGINAL!!! Female lead in Raiding the Rock Vault, I was SO stoked! FINALLY!!! Someone... LOCAL... who REALLY deserved it got a spot in a big deal Strip show... and a dear friend of mine, to boot! Neither she nor I... or too many people, for that matter... knows what kind of head bobbin', closed door, backstage bullshit went on that got her aced out of that, but she, as expected, sez I, landed on her feet, and started her own show, HERSTORY OF ROCK, that is still goin' on, plus a brand new, one of a kind, all female Journey tribute, Sheclipse, featuring a who's who of the top female Rock talent in town, plus working with ex- ASIA frontman John Payne, AND throwin' down with her OTHER project, Carol Lyn and Some Guys... WHEW... just writin' that wore me out! One of our best local Rock vocalists, and dedication to put most to shame... plus, she NAILS that note in Heart's Alone better than ANYONE except Ann Wilson... just sayin'...

"Rachel plays guitar with ATTITUDE, which most people don't today. She hits the strings really hard & means it! She isn't afraid. Super great to work with too" - Johnny Roxx






"Las Vegas' Rock Queen"

multi award winning vocalist, producer, front woman.

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