Sin City Presents Magazine September 2018 Volume 5 Issue 08 - Page 45

What's NOT so much fun is partying until you don't really know what you’re doing, your judgment is seriously impaired, and now, you're a danger to yourself and others. THAT'S not a party. It's a tragedy that happens FAR too many times, every day, everywhere, but, again, the nature of this town makes it so much easier to get there. When you don't know when to stop, and when you believe you're just fine to do whatever you may want, is when there's serious problems, potentially for EVERYONE, not just you. I'm gonna talk about weed really quick here. I don't smoke it anymore, haven't for quite a long time, but it's relatively harmless... not counting laziness and potential weight gain due to some serious munchies. Alcohol is FAR worse. Weed's not gonna make you start fights, be belligerent, or jump in your car when you REALLY shouldn't... which brings us to the moral of this rant... and a segue from last month. Let's rewind a couple weeks. We all heard about the straight fucking idiot that hopped in her Camaro at 8:30 in the morning and went wailin' off down Eastern at 103!!! miles an hour!!! and killed a little kid... AND put his parents in the hospital. As much as most traffic accidents are avoidable, THIS one was completely unconscionable. This is so far beyond wrong that words simply cannot begin to even come close to describing how bad this really was. If I've

had a couple beers, I'm REAL mellow when I drive, which I kinda am anyway. NO ONE FOR ANY REASON! Should be driving like that, drunk and that fast. I hope that scumbag NEVER sees freedom again, and I hope the girls in the 'joint with her are REAL... nice... Which brings me to the conclusion... just DON'T, people

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1 October... part 2

Steven Troy

Continued from February 2018 (read here)

... and Drama Queen says " Shooter at NYNY"... we have no proof... but this could get REAL bad! So far, our little... SAFE place... 3/4 of a mile away... is kinda quiet. Seems like every cop, fire truck, and ambulance in town went roarin' south already, so... hang tough. Drama Queen, eyes glued to phone, sez " shooter at Bellagio"... as if he actually knows shit... NOBODY knows ANYTHING, other than there IS a shooter at Mandalay Bay... where, or how many, no clue. The front lines get REAL lonely when you don't know what's really going on. Still quiet. A few minutes later, the 'Queen sez " shooter at Circus Circus" Now, if ANY of this is true, it means there's a co-ordinated terrorist attack happening, and we are REALLY in SERIOUS trouble. Evidently, the authorities bit on the last report, and several emergency vehicles go flyin' north up the Strip. I guess it took that long for word to spread, 'cause it suddenly looked like a bomb went off, EVERYONE on the Strip just bolted, THOUSANDS of people. We're a block off, between 2 major properties, and there's 3 alleys and a street that lead directly to the Strip. Ever seen video of a tsunami? People just started FLOWING thru the alleys, jumping walls and fences, running each other over, ANYTHING to get away from... they didn't really know. Just RUN!!! As they run up to our property, and try to get into our lobby, I'm pointing to the street, saying, go that way, only guests of our hotel can come in here! After a minute or 2, security troops... why aren't THEY at the front door? I'm not security!... tell me, lock the front doors open, let everyone in! WHAT!?! You spend all day and night going around this place, throwing out people that don't belong... you want me to do WHAT?!? NOW I'm nervous! What if there ARE a bunch of shooters, and one gets into our little lobby, with no easy way out? That casualty number would have been double. Thankfully, there was only one. Next time will be different. I do not intend to be NEAR the line of fire then. 400+ people got into our lobby... strangers that would have NEVER been allowed in any other time, 3 with gunshot wounds. To say this was a harrowing experience would be an understatement. I will never be the same. In the end, myself and all the staff there at the time got plaques from the President of the company, praising us for our heroism... sure as hell did not and does not feel like that! Of all the things that happened that night, the thing that haunts me is the look on people’s faces... no longer human... terrified animals, no idea what's happening, where they're going, what to do... just running... I'm gonna flee next time, too... and there WILL be one, don't fool yourself... they don't pay me enough for that shit...