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Steven Troy is a musician and journalist from San Diego, California. He came to Las Vegas in 1994, and began his career in journalism in 2006. For 11 years, he wrote a column called The Asylum, which was published monthly in Vegas Rocks! magazine. He was also the Production Manager of the first 3 Vegas Rocks Magazine Awards shows, the first 2 in the Elvis theater at the Hilton hotel, the last at The Joint inside the Hard Rock. He was a co-host on the internet television show Sally Rocks Vegas, and was part of the production team for the internet television station Radiozone1, co-producer of several shows, the most notorious of which was Assault on Area 51. He began playing guitar at age 11, and joined his first band at age 12. He was part of the Southern California Glam scene in the late '80's, and was Lead Guitarist for the power metal band Seventh Calling in 2011.

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When it's not a party anymore...

Let's party! Who's ready! Everyone, ESPECIALLY in THIS town! One of the reasons I love it here! I'm a full-on Vampire, up at sunset, out all night, and mornings are only good for 2 things, and they both start with an S. I love the fact that I can go out at 3 a.m. and find something to do. Fits my lifestyle perfectly. And I've had many, many times where I've dragged home while the sky was gettin' light to the East, and often partied beyond. But at some point, the party has to stop. It's called being responsible, something we've all neglected a time or 2 in our lives. So... at what point do you draw the line and say, enough is enough? Some people don't know how to do that. And when does it stop being a party, and start being stupid? This town makes it easy for those lines to blur. And, I hope, as we get older, that those lines become much clearer. And what's the definition of a party? A different answer the more people you ask... but I know most people reading this can agree on a few things. For me, I partied a bit this month, once with my sweet sister Leah, as we watched Armored Saint burn Vamp'd down, and again, Downtown, with Halestorm, as Lzzy Hale proved, yet again, that's she's THE best female singer out there... seriously, that girl is ASTONISHING, and a 'lil bitty thing, too, sweet as can be... not so sure about the new hairdo, though. And I won't even get into what went down on my 4-day trip to my home land. Just some good, clean, Rock and Roll fun.

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