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Check it bitches!! Gonna be one hell of a night!!

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Celebrate the release of Its All Downhill From Here, Bad Little Sister's very first record!

Join us at the Double Down Saloon to toast this amazing adventure!

Joining us will be New Evil and Mutt!

Red Carpet 10 pm

Saturday, August 5 at 10 PM

Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas

4640 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169


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Steven Troy @sinnerstevie

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#your daily demon

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The main attraction was up next. Some of the reasons I like Armored Saint are, good, old school Metal riffs, cool songs, and John Bush. He's been one of my fave Metal singers since I first heard him, gritty, good range, balls. I'm gonna commit some blasphemy here, and say those Anthrax records he was on are the best ones. I first heard that, and thought, NOW they got a real singer! His return to 'Saint was bittersweet, but not unwelcome. One of the cool things is, they still got the classic lineup. Other than original guitarist Dave Pritchard, who died in 1990, these are the original members, with Jeff Duncan being on guitar ever since. So. They said they were gonna play my, and probably EVERYONES fave record of theirs, Symbol of Salvation, front to back... and they did! But first, they played the first song from the first album, then the second song from the second, then the third of the third... pretty cool. Then, they ripped into Reign of Fire, and it was ON!!! They played Symbol, front to back, and just blew the place UP!!! Some of my fave Metal songs are on that album, I been crankin' it ever since back in the day, and this was a bucket list item I didn't know I had! UNREAL to watch them play Last Train Home, Symbol, Warzone... a Metalhead's dream! This was AWESOME!!! John's voice was perfect, they just KILLED it! You KNOW it was a good show when you walk out with a serious music buzz, your head just spinnin'! An incredible night at Vamp’d, THANK YOU, Korie, and everyone else involved for another memorable night... at least... I think I remember