Sin City Presents Magazine September 2018 Volume 5 Issue 08 - Page 25


Backstage Bar & Billiards


Written by Steven Troy (Sinner Stevie)


So, let me get this off my chest from the git-go. I avoid East Fremont. I have very little in common with the millenial crowd, and cannot relate to the whole hipster thing. That being said, cool stuff DOES go down over there, what with Patrick booking Beauty Bar, and BBB doing stuff ... and Container Park IS really cool. So, a pleasant evening, and I go down to support my boys in DriVeN, and an ex- colleague of mine from the Vegas Rocks! days, Eric Tucker, was putting on the show... not to mention I like to support a good cause, and I got friends with autistic kids, so it's close to home... not to mention I'm a little off myself... and could use some help. This night offered just that! IDSFA started, some buds of mine in that band... THERE! I admitted it!... and I promise, if any stray tourists or hipsters poked their head in the door, they went runnin'! Either IN... 'cause, let's face it, LOT'S of people have a morbid fascination with... sikk... things... or out... in sheer terror! I'm sure the boys in the band prefer the latter. The Latinos Locos Garcia and the other maniacs in DriVeN rolled on next... and KILLED it! Lots of people saying this is THE up and coming band, and they lived up to it! They're on a mission to rule the world, and they ain't shy about it! Just a great set, frontman Tone steppin' up with NO problem to fill some pretty big shoes... he ain't skeered... and it just ROCKED! There's a lot to this band, musically, they even had one of the ghouls from IDSFA (Paul) jump up and play a harp... you know... one of those things angels play... how ironic, right!... for the song Nothing Left 2 Say. This was the debut of basically a whole new line up, excellent, critically acclaimed guitarist Paul Draven on board... Paul... read my bit about lead guitar players on page of this mag... and they are kickin' ass and takin' names! BAKER'S DOZEN was next, been wantin' to see them, heard some good things, and well worth the wait! Old School, sleazy Rock and Roll, the GOOD stuff, done WELL, check this band out! Chillin' in the crowd, a face pops up... most people would have run... not ME! Don't threaten me with a good time! My brother-from-another-mother, Carlos Pagan! How cool! Ain't seen him in a while! Can't keep track of all the shit he's into, but this dude is a HARDCORE Rock Dawg, always jammin' and tourin' with SOMEBODY... tonight, LA STORY. I had no idea. He said, right off the bat, it ain't Metal... just to make sure I was prepared, 'cause he IS, as am I, and he knows it... but it was pretty cool! Lots of energy, they bring it live, some good 'ol, upbeat Hard Rock. They had a harrowing time getting here, cruisin' down the road when a couple of tires roll by... THEIRS! The bus just didn't want to go to Vegas! Got here, anyway, and a blast of a night! Great job, Eric! Now... about that stuff I won in the raffle...

Photography by Charlene Zezulka

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