Sin City Presents Magazine September 2018 Volume 5 Issue 08 - Page 24


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"If Izzy Stradlin & Joan Jett had a love child, it would be Rachel May. Her knowledge of music & ability to learn fast is impressive for someone of any age. I'm fortunate that I get to play music with my best friends & someone has to make our side of the stage look good" - Jason Green



Metal Babe: Thank you for that… Tell me more about Stone Clement.

Charlie Z: I really appreciate that Stone Clement has been by my side since 2015 and is my right hand man, not only in The Militants, but also in our unique cover song side project Rainbow Demon. Stone is an amazing person and a hell of a guitar player who really understands being in a real band and recording professional albums.

Metal Babe: That’s great. The Militants’ lyrics tend to focus on war and politics. Do you write all the lyrics yourself? Is there a message you are trying to get out there?

Charlie Z: Yes, I write all the poems myself. My messages are quite logical and directly to the point. I like to give the listeners controversial topics. Many people have told me my writing style is like painting a portrait. That is a groovy complement that I deeply adore. When I write the poem or song, I have a complete vision of where I want to go and how the song is already going to sound even before I start recording. That is a gift to have. That is the gift of SOUL.

Metal Babe: Love it! What’s next for The Militants?

Charlie Z: I am in the process of recording a new album, which will be the forth album from The Militants. I have written and composed five new singles and have side one completed. I am starting to compose side two. I like The Militants’ albums to be about 30 minutes of heavy metal music. I am very “metalized” and proud of the way the album sounds so far. The challenge is composing side two so all the songs flow together. The Militants forth album is going to be an amazing sound of heavy metal. People have told me that the way I write and compose music sounds like movie soundtracks. I love hearing that. The Militants’ songs do have movie musical vibes, and they do catch your attention immediately. That is what good songwriting is all about… To capture the imagination.

Metal Babe: Yes it is! I agree. You were quoted in Aaron Joy’s book Heavy Metal Music From The Inside: Quotes On Being A Rocker, which is quite an accomplishment. How did that come about?

Charlie Z: Oh good question. Aaron Joy and I met through FaceBook. He heard a few metal singles from The Militants and got a hold of me and asked me to be on his show called Roman Midnight Music Podcast. From there we have become very close. He likes to interview me about The Militants and digs the way I think about life and music overall... He is very talented and looked up to by a lot of people in the music community. He has done wonderful interviews with a lot of big-time and famous musicians. I am metalized to be in his life and have him write about The Militants and the music. It is a very good heavy metal book to read.

Metal Babe: That is definitely an honor. What final words would you like to say to our readers?

Charlie Z: Well, that is a question about the shocking truth about being in a band. Anyone can be in a band today…But to be in a REAL BAND you must give back to the community all the time… It is all about the people. Too many only care about the money and forget about the fans. I will always give back to the community because that is the only way it works. I will put a 47-cent stamp on a postcard and write a letter to our entire fan base. I do this all the time. Plus I will send gifts to show The Militants do really make a difference out there and the band really does care. Always give to the people… It is just that simple.

Metal Babe: That’s something you and I both do, and do together. It really does make a difference. Thank you for your time Charlie. It’s been a pleasure doing this interview and working with you through MBM Music.

Charlie Z: Alison, the honor is all mine, and true… WE Are Metal! \M/ ♫ Sending a special thank you to everyone who has supported The Militants and bought our albums.

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