Sin City Presents Magazine September 2018 Volume 5 Issue 08 - Page 15

We sat in the bleachers for a few minutes then suddenly Ace Frehley comes walking out with his buddy

Bobby Mc Adams. They sit in the seats directly in front of us, Ace swings around and says, "Do you want my autograph?!". YES!

Ace was drinking beer from a styrofoam cup & seemed pretty lit. We chatted with them for a while. He was talking about his baby daughter etc, when he suddenly asked, "Do you wanna go outside and watch us blow up the Marshall heads that don't work?". Marshall Amplification had delivered new JCM 800's to the studio and some were DOA. I saw the boxes next to the stage. Paul Stanley was watching us talk to Ace. He looked pretty mad Ace was drunk in front of us minors. He kept making faces at Ace. We followed Ace outside and he proceeded to pack the broken heads with pyro. It was a side lot near the parking area. BOOM! Ace laughed in delight as the heads blew up 1 by 1. We were kinda trippin' on him. Haaaa. He was like a little kid blowing up his toys. It was so cool!

After that we returned to the studio bleachers, where Paul Stanley was now out of his Elder costume and changed into a bright purple robe. I then asked him for his autograph. He seemed standoffish but signed for me. He was prob still mad at Ace. We sat with Ace a while longer then he left to go bsckstage. Eric Carr then came out with his tech and gave us all his signature sticks brand new in bags. He was so nice and down to earth. Humble gentleman he was. Gene then gathered everyone up and announced they were going upstairs to watch a playback of the rehearsal. My buddy asked Gene for his autograph in which he replied "Sorry, later maybe." We sat in the bleachers as the playback ran through the studio monitors. We saw ourselves in the audience on the playback. Was a rush! After that we went to the lot dining room and ordered dinner. Kiss manager Bill Aucoin spotted us and insisted he pay for our meal. Super nice guy he was.

Johnny Roxx in the audience with his hand in the air to the left of Paul Stanley

After a bit we returned to the studio where some of the Friday's cast were running a few skits & rehearsing. Ace was there again, drunk and laughing at them loudly. Melanie Chartoff told Ace "Shut the fuck up", that surprised him, and he got quiet. A few hours later the evening taping began, it ran like clockwork. Kiss did their thing again and they were spot on! Paul Stanley was in a supet good mood after the show. He high fived me when I told him they kicked ass. We gathered around after the show for a bit. It was just Gene & Paul and the Friday's cast. Ace and Eric had left. Gene asked me when this would air, I told him "tonight", he was unaware and said he was leaving so he could watch it in his hotel room. We left too. I made it home just in time to watch it. Such a great memory that changed who I am and what I do! I am on the DVD Kissology II which is some major Kisstory. So grateful I was there in '82. Memories for life.

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