Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 41

Britny Fox took the Pool Stage and put on an unforgettable performance with Chris Sanders rocking out on the guitar, Billy Childs on the bass and throwing his bass to his tech after a performance. Johnny Dee on drums. Toward the end of their 60 minute set while playing “Schoolgirl”, part of the crowd dressed as schoolgirls walked/danced across the stage in commemoration of their video. John Corabi also joined them on stage for a great version of “Long Way to Love”.

Great White put on an amazing performance on the Pool Stage. Terry Ilous dedicated “The Angel Song” to a friend of mine in the crowd. Mark Kendall had his small son on stage playing guitar with them during a couple songs, while Audie Desbrow was nailing it on the drums.

Mr. Big (Eric Martin), with Billy Sheehan (bass), Paul Gilbert on guitar did an acoustic set with Pat Torpey on the pool deck after the surprise “Stowaways” performed for the Sail away performance from LA. Our special guest performance was a reunion of RATT with Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier and Warren DeMartini from their original line up. The crowd was amazed to see them on stage.

LA Guns had an amazing performance on the Pool Deck joined by Ace Von Johnson from Faster Pussycat in their first set. Michael Grant (guitarist) performed Prince’s “Purple Rain” in their second set and were joined by Spike from the Quireboys, who is Phil Lewis’s (lead singer) son. Whenever Spike and Phil are on stage together you are guaranteed a great show and a lot of women swooning. They all brought so much energy to the crowd.