Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 39

(Rutrow, shit just got real!!)

Feeling (and presumably looking) a lot like the proverbial "Deer in the headlights", we managed to stutter our way through an affirmative response, and so it was confirmed, for better or worse, we were plotting a course to The Lair of The Demon.

They armed us with a few essential tools for our unexpected journey:

1) His address.

2) Very specific gate instructions, including the then-current "code word" that was to be uttered at the gate, which in my head was to be whispered to the Black Knight that most assuredly guarded the entryway, informing us that "None Shall Pass".

3) (And most terrifying of all...) They then brought in a 20-something lad, dressed in rocker clothes, (We'll call him "Kenny", to protect the innocent.) They introduced him by saying, "And we're sending Kenny with you.....(wait for it...).....

In case he gets abusive".

Wait, What???


That's a thing????

In an instant, and uncontrollably, the gauntlet of possible abuse situations raced through my head, searching desperately for the warm, fuzzy, whimsical kinds of abuse that he must surely be referring to. Let's see, there's child abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic abuse.....ok, none of these are sounding at all positive:(

And what the fuck was Kenny going to do if that happened, was he some sort of abuse counselor? Or was he just going to yell "RUN!!", while throwing himself in front of the impending threat?

At that moment, I glanced over at Christina, and just the look on her face told me that her mind had just followed the exact same path (more like Nature Trail to Hell) that mine had.

So there we we're, lambs in-route to the slaughterhouse, with only Kenny to protect us.

(Tune in next time, for Part 2 of our story)

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