Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 36


As well as playing both fiddle and viola Maire has gone on to become a singer and is as comfortable singing a sensitive love song in the Irish language, an Irish ballad or indeed today as is required of her in her current gig can belt out Joan Jett, Adele or Michael Jackson!

Marie also plays mandolin and banjo. Coming from a musical family, and comes from Cloghan County Offaly in Ireland her father now 86 years old and plays accordion and sings was Maire and her four siblings first music teacher starting her on accordion too. Together mother May a beautiful singer and her Dad Jim introduced all her siblings to music and got them started at home in a house full of music their entire lives. All the Egan’s learned music by ear initially and eventually went to music lessons locally run by Comhalts Ceoltoiri Eireann (an organization that promotes traditional Irish music and culture around the world). All children competed in competitions throughout their childhood in solo and group events and together have many All Ireland Titles to their credit between them.

Somehow we ended up on the topic of Bagpipes and learned something new… there was a time in Irish history that music was forbidden.. (can you imagine it?) As with any prohibition where there’s a will there’s a way…. because it’s hard to keep bagpipes quiet, many bagpipers started playing the fiddle. The fingering is similar to bagpipes so the transition was easy. Anyway, I digress…

Maire was with Tuskar Rock for two and a half years as a featured fiddle soloist and vocalist. The band varied in size from a four piece to a six piece on weekends with various Irish step dancers including Danielle Fitzpatrick. The band performed 6 nights a week 50 weeks a year. Featured band member included Peter Browne accordion, vocals. Shane McGowan guitar, flute, vocals. Johnny ‘Snags’ Norton vocals, guitar, bodhran, vocals. Jeremy Segel bass, vocals. Matthew Antolick, drums Roy Cameron drums.

Maire was contacted by Darryl Conlon and offered the position in Las Vegas with “Sin E Ri Ra” in April 2009 and returned to Las Vegas in May 2009 and continues to perform nightly.

Maire has recorded and co produced two CD’s with her band The Bridies. The Bridies were founded in Las Vegas during the time that Maire Egan and Brenda Curtin then lead fiddle soloists with Michael Flatleys Lord Of The Dance had a residency at The Venetian Hotel and Casino Resort. They started out as a three piece with guitarist Cary Novotny, renown Irish guitarist from Portland Oregon.

Step outside of your box and go see different styles of music! Sin City Presents took a time out this month and went on a mission to see something completely out of our normal realm. We paid a visit to Nine Fine Irishman inside the New York New York Hotel to see an Irish Fiddle Player MAIRE EGAN (pronounced Mora). She’s part of their house band “Sin E Ri Ra” which loosely translated means chaos and mayhem (in a fun way) the band made up of four musicians and one Irish step dancer Tara Reid. Maire is the featured soloist on fiddle and vocals. Darryl Conlon, band leader, guitars and vocals. Kyle Turner, bass and vocals. Randy Brungardt, drums.

Maire started to learn the fiddle when she was 17 years old. She never took lessons and is completely self taught and learns all her music by ear. She went on to learn all the fiddle parts for Riverdance The Show by ear and similarly all the subsequent bands and shows she performed in to date.



Sin E Ri RA (Irish Band)