Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 34



You are a George Lynch uber fan! I’ve seen you watch him onstage… like a kid sneaking a peek at Santa put gifts under the tree What can we expect to see more from Mr. Scary in the near future?

Unfortunately, with all of our other endeavors, and life getting in the way, MrScary took a solid break but we've all been talking scheduling, and are ready to jump back up on stages ASAP- so, watch for a huge resurgence from Me, David Lee, Corey, and Danny! The Mr. Scary page will be updated with all events soon!

What brought you to Sin City? Any tips for those new to the city on how to survive this scene?

Actually, 7 hurricanes in 14mos in Central Florida forced me to move out here, as well as to be much closer to my family. My Mom and Dad, Brother, and 2 of my Sisters- all live here. Sadly, Mom passed from Cancer in 2010, and 1 of my sisters has moved back to Hawaii, but the rest of us are all still here, and they all came to my Wedding on Oct 20th!

As for tips for new to the city? The scene is actually much easier to "survive" than other cities. I've been all over the country, played all over the country. Vegas is amazing. So many venues, different markets/genres, and so many talented musicians. Hang with all of them. Get out to meet anyone you can, and live, learn, love, laugh, through it all. Don't take any of it too seriously, because life is far too short, as we've all witnessed. Just have a blast with everyone, and it'll all work out great!

Are you being the musician you want to be or are you on the never ending pursuit of perfection?

I doubt I'll ever be the musician I WANT to be...there are so many incredible players that I would love to learn from, and steal ideas from! I'm constantly trying to improve myself- not just with playing, but singing, and with audio, video, lighting, production of all sorts, as well. I'm never going to stop wanting to learn and improve!

What would you do if you knew there would be no way you could fail?

I take risks all the time, so, I already view the world as if there is ALWAYS a way to fail, I just try to find ways around it and to avoid it- just to keep myself on the edge of it all.

Any upcoming gig you’d like to share with our readers?

For right now, the NEXT date for PUPPET is December 10th, @ Count's Vamp'd, with Damage, Inc- we LOVE those guys!'s my birthday 2 days later, so we'll be trying to out-do the last 6 birthday shows I've played at Vampd!!! LOL

As for links- Here are the links to the Facebook pages for my few bands mentioned.


MrScary - a Tribute to the Legendary DOKKEN-

Outta the Black -

Thank you for spending time with us Gee! We’ll see you soon onstage in Sin City!