Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 33

of Seymour Duncan and friends. He’s burned up too many pedals to mention- all that sit on his current pedal boards have a unique purpose depending on the set list for the night. He’s tried the run of the mill, the custom, the "boutique" craze, and still has yet to try many others hitting the market, which is the fun with the NAMM shows...artists get to test and play with all the new and unique offerings.

We did manage to catch up with Gee following the debut of Puppet and the nuptials (he must think I’m a real pain in the…. by now). In all seriousness we’re excited to share a little bit with you and let you get to know more about this shredtastic badass.

Hey Gee! Thank you for spending some time with us. So You just debuted “Puppet” which was a project you kept under lock n key for quite some time… where did the inspiration come from for this project?

It definitely came from years and years of influential new music. i'd been in original bands and cover bands on tour in the 90's, always kept my ear to the ground for 'new' stuff that could help to broaden my horizons, you know, push them further over the edge.

After playing in a 90's band here in Vegas, then joining Outta the Black- a 80's Metal band, I'd been wanting to explore another outlet for all the newer Music - the Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold type stuff...and since all the guys in Puppet have played together in town in various other projects and bands, and we all got along as friends, it only made sense to put this together and push it FAR over the edge of our own expectations.

Word on the street is that you have something special you are working on with Sir Oz Fox, are you able to share the details with us?

Sure, since it's no longer under "lock n key" either, LOL! Oz Fox and I have been friends for a while, and after I'd made several attempts with other producers and engineers to get my own original material recorded, it only seemed natural to work with him when we first discussed it. It's been a long hard year of work so far, and with my several bands, his few bands and gigs in town, plus his rigorous STRYPER tour schedule this past 18mos, we've actually accomplished quite a lot, but intend to finish off the rest of it as soon as he lands back home in Vegas for a while, this holiday season! Oz is pretty amazing to work with- he leaves the creativity on the table for us both to mold, and keeps the atmosphere as NO-PRESSURE at all times. We've had a blast recording, mixing all of this!

The first song being released is something really close to heart for me, but has to come out- it's called "The LIE". A long time fib that turned and rolled like a snowball downhill, got uglier and uglier- and while I kept quiet, the truth finally came out and settled it. Long story-short, sometimes you need to take a step back, rest on your laurels, and move on in life. So I wrote this song, had a few friends play on it- David Lee Williams (Vocals, from Outta the Black and MrScary), and Corey Sorrenti (Bass, from MrScary and now in Puppet), and I'm damned proud of how it's turned out. Can't wait for you ALL to hear it!