Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 31

album they went through was, “Calling on You”, “Free”, “Honestly”, “The Way”, “Sing Along Song”, “Holding On”, “Rockin’ the World”, “All of Me”, and “More than a Man.”This was a killer set and the crowd went absolutely nuts the whole time! Being able to see this album being played in its entirety was a blast from the past and was truly amazing!!

The band then took a break and Michael talked to the crowd. He pointed out some key family members and fans and talked about their mission of bringing Christ to the world with their music over the years. I am not a Christian, but these guys have a way of making you feel good with their music. They then took a short break, changed and came out to the sounds of their newest song off “Fallen” ,”Yahweh”, which is a long EPIC song that shows that these guys are here to stay with fresh new songs! The second part of their set was comprised of “In God we Trust”, “God”, “Revelation”, ”Caught in the Middle”, “Surrender.” The surprise of the night was when they played Van Halen’s “Aint Talkin Bout Love”, which was fantastic!

They ended the set with my favorite song by Stryper where you get to hear the double ax attack of Michael and Oz with their perfect harmonies and melodies between guitars and voice. These two when they sing together, cannot be beat. It’s beautiful to behold! That song is “Soldiers under Command.” That ended one of the most amazing sets ever, by one of the greatest bands to come from the 80’s. Stryper is here to stay and better than ever!