Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 26


Written by:Taleda Giallanza

A year ago, actually a year and two days ago, I was doing exactly the same thing; sitting at my desk in the early morning, watching the sky turn morning colors, drinking coffee, sighing as my brain has only been functional for 60 minutes and it’s already on hyper-overdrive. Synapses exploding like a 4th of July closing act fireworks display …

Same time last year I was composing my first Thanksgiving article for “Sin City” Presents Magazine, writing about how the holiday we call thanksgiving came to be, you know, the real history, not what we are taught repetitively in school. How that sad occurrence segued into my general call for all to be grateful for the minute blessings in their lives that are shockingly taken for granted. No, I don’t consider myself one of those; I know how incredibly blessed I am and I give Thanks every single day just for being ALIVE. Hell, the possibilities become endless after that.

This time around, this Thanksgiving article is composed of several parts;

Part I on November 7, 2016 We the People being in our collectively questionable sound minds elect a new President; whomever he/she is must know You are the lesser of two Evils. The world holds its breath to see what the greatest Nation on Planet Earth, offers up as the next 4 years – potentially 8 years – Savior or Satan impersonatore (Italian for Satan impersonator). Part I won’t be over until it’s over. God save us …

Part II travels to the other end of the rainbow extreme to mention how I personally will be damn happy when 2016 is OVER and 2017 dawns anew … But wait! Wasn’t I bemoaning 2015 and expressing how damn happy I’d be when IT was finally over? I seem to remember feeling the same for 2014 and 2013 … Actually I can’t remember when I wasn’t eagerly awaiting the dawn of a new year as the panacea for all the previous year’s pain and sadness and loss and suffering and blah blah

would be over. Now that’s fucking depressing!

Part III is totally personal, totally all about me. If I want it, I “make it happen”. I have to “go for it”. I have to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. I gotta’ “make the leap”. I better put the negative shit behind me because what I “project into the Universe, I get back”. Are we seeing a pattern here? Energetically speaking, I have as much energy as a 3 toed Sloth; why can’t the Universe just once dump success into my very empty lap and let me know the endless joy of having just enough MONEY to get my Jeep fixed, prevent Foreclosure, pay off my debts, have a wee bit of dinero in savings and a wee bit more cash in checking. Is that REALLY too much to ask, Universe? I don’t want it all, I want just enough. Haven’t I worked my ass off making it happen? Can you honestly testify that I haven’t been going for it? Don’t you know I’m beyond fear as I do it, whatever it is? I’ve made the leap and projected good vibrations out into your vast expanse, NOW IT’S YOUR DAMN TURN TO SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Part IV Hey, if you Party like a Rock Star during the coming Holiday Festivities, please … Be Safe, Have Fun, Designate a Driver, Reserve a Uber Car ahead of time, don’t be a Dick or a Bitch, remember the less fortunate, give a little or a lot to local shelters and food banks, spread the Love share the Joy and be ever Thankful.

Mad Crazy Love to All this coming Thanksgiving … See ya’ in December … Ho Ho Ho

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I don’t want it all, I want just enough.