Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 25

Thank you! This hasn’t been the most “conventional” process but it has been exciting to say the least. Just know that the band has as much anticipation as those that have heard the songs and have seen the vids. We are working on a 2017 debut for the band live and we can’t wait to play these songs live!

What other projects are you working on currently? Are there any big announcements for the New Year we should be watching for?

I’m still working with Gilby Clarke and we have a New Years Eve show in Reno at the newly soon to be “World Famous” Rockbar Theater. It also looks like I’m going to be doing some more dates with The Raskins.

We just wrapped the Ted Nugent Run this summer and I’m looking forward to getting out with them soon.

This is likely premature, but expect a reunion with Mike Tramp next year as he looks to do a full band tour in 2017 which I will be a part of. You heard it here first!!

You’re a pretty competitive guy, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve seen you play softball. LOL You’ve had such an amazing career so far in a very competitive industry… what do you think gives you that edge that keeps you working steady in this industry?

There are tons of great drummers out there and I know my place with respect to that but I think because I can bring so much more to the table outside of “drumming”, it really adds value. I’m a good guy to tour with, I was a booking agent for 3 years, I can tour manage, book flights, book shows, and sort tours in just about every market whether it be in the USA, UK, Europe or South America. I’ve even booked shows in India, Australia and Japan. That alone has great value and it has helped me secure great gigs with great bands doing great tours. Doing a 60 date stadium / shed tour with Motley Crue came from learning how to do all of the extra things on top of playing drums.

WOW!! You are one versatile guy!! I could probably ask you a million more questions but I guess we should save some for another day.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with our readers? Show dates, merch or album sales you want to plug of maybe the best way for our readers to keep up with you for upcoming show dates and appearances?

You can find anything and everything by going to and Twitter/IG @drummertpf and of course Facebook @drummertroy.

Thank you again Troy for taking some time out for us here at Sin City Presents… we’ll see you onstage in Vegas soon!