Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 24

What gig do you consider your first BIG break?

I’d say the gig that has continued to “give” was my tour with Mike Tramp in 2001. From that I got the White Lion gig in 2005 which put me in the spot to get many other gigs down the road. It definitely put me on the map so to speak.

You’re fairly new to Sin City, now that you’ve been here a couple of years what are your thoughts on the local scene? Do you find it to be supportive and accepting?

Loving Vegas and so happy to call it home! I think there’s a great group of musicians that are in fact very supportive and embracing of the various projects and bands out there. Count’s Vamp’d and Backstage Bar and Billiards top my list of places to see up and comers and great National Acts. Without these venues, and others like it… we have no scene.

You’ve got some incredible sponsors! I know that takes a lot of work to maintain those relationships. For the gear junkies out there can you tell us a little bit more about your kit?

I’ve been fortunate enough to align myself with the best gear in the business. When White Lion got added to the 2007 Poison/Ratt tour (we were eventually booted off due to Vito Bratta suing everyone to get us kicked off), Rockett Drum Works (Rikki Rockett) approached me about becoming an endorsee. We still maintain a relationship today which is 10 years in the making.

I’ve had 2 kits made by Rockett Drum Works. The “controversial” Rebel Flag Kit and the newly made “Fortune” Kit. The Rebel Kit was unique not only in its paint job, but in the sizes.

That kit boasts a 28X18 Kick drum, 14X14 Rack, 2 each 16X16 and 18X18” Floor toms.

The Fortune kit is special to me as I designed it myself. Each drum has a different symbol that means something special to me and comes equipped with a 26x18 Kick, 14X12 Rack Tom, 16 and 18” floor toms and a 20” Gong drum

(Kick drum set up as a floor tom) with a bass drop sample/trigger combo. This kit was initially designed for the Motley Crue/Alice Cooper tour I did with the support act “The Raskins”. Sadly we didn’t get it done until after the tour wrapped but was glad to make its debut at the Cathouse Live festival at Irvine Meadows with Gilby Clarke and Enuff Z’nuff.

My other companies I proudly beat up on a daily basis are Sabian Cymbals, Vater Percussion, Aquarian Drum Heads and Beato Bags. I use the stuff because it’s the stuff to use, and I’m proud to be aligned with these great companies.

Damn!! That's just sick! Absolute BADASSERY!

Congratulations on the recent release of “Trip of A Lifetime” with Angels in Vein the video is BADASS! What else can we expect to see soon from Angels in Vein? Any upcoming show dates here in Sin City?


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