Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 23

Hot off the road with Gilby Clarke (GUNS N ROSES/ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA/KINGS OF CHAOS) and The Raskins on a run with Ted Nugent we’re thrilled to take you behind the kit with this month’s featured artist Troy Patrick Farrell.

Ooowhee is this dude a hammer! I totally dig his drum style he’s hard hitting and precise.

We first met Troy shortly after he relocated to Las Vegas at a Rock N Roll Softball game… you can tell a lot about a man whose serious about his sports. Troy’s competitive and focused…. and to tell you the truth I was a tiny bit intimidated to contact him about being our cover this month. I’m sure glad I got past that hurdle because this guy is totally down to earth and as real as you can get.

Probably best known for his work with White Lion Troy has toured the world having done 15 National Tours and 9 International Tours he’s traveled to more than 40 countries in all working a plethora of Rock Icons.

To name a few for you the list includes John Corabi (MOTLEY CRUE/THE SCREAM/UNION), CC Deville (POISON/SAMANTHA 7), Dizzy Reed (GUNS N ROSES) Mick Sweda (BULLETBOYS) and Jani Lane (WARRANT)

He’s done so much during his career already I couldn’t decide where to start. So let’s start from the beginning…

Thank you for taking some time with us, I know you are always on the run, so we really appreciate your time. Can you tell us a little bit about your training… Are you self taught or do you have a more formal background?

Initially I was self taught, as well as taking some lessons from a good friend in high school..and as my parents saw how serious I was, I ended up taking lessons at Music Lab in Lansing, IL under the watch of Jim Uram. Some guys went to Berkeley or PIT; I went with the essentials and took the path of learning how to play drums in a band situation.