Sin City Presents Magazine November 2016 Volume 3 Issue 11 - Page 20


Don't just Dream it. Be it!

We create many distractions in our world that stop us from being who we've always wanted to be. We create these distractions because of fear. Fear of failure. If we never pursue our dreams, does that mean that we've never actually failed? I think in some warped way that is true... or that is what we convince ourselves is true. (Read my blog on F.E.A.R.)

The only way for me to give an example is through my own actions, because I know and have come to terms with that warped way of thinking.

Pursuing your dreams is scary. It's petrifying. It's a sure-fire way of getting people to tell you that you're wrong, that you've made a huge mistake. If you never pursue your dreams you'll be part of the 'norm', part of the percentage of people in this world that remain anonymous. When I say 'anonymous' I don't insist that your dream needs to be like mine where you are on a stage, but on a metaphorical stage... where people are looking at you... whatever that dream may be. We all have different dreams, and all of them should be pursued... at all costs.

I was very fortunate in my youth to have mentors around me that got me out of my shell... and yet, even with these mentors I would still recede back into the norm. All because of fear. When I was young I wanted to be in musical theater. I loved every bit of it. I loved the androgyny of acting. There, in the theater there were no racial or equality differences. Everybody was equal and the only thing that separated us as individuals was our expression. And the more you expressed yourself, the more your own light shined. It was an addictive role to play. I miss that. I wish that the world was like theater. Theater went to the wayside from distractions; two marriages, the Marines and my 'career' as a Graphic Designer. I had settled for the 'norm'.

I've been pursuing music full-time since my sister passed away (It's hard to believe that it has almost been seven years). These past seven years have been very difficult and at the same time very fulfilling. The highs have been very high and the lows have been very low, but let me clarify... the lows were few and far between and short-lived. When you are doing what you love and feel that this is your life's purpose, there are few out there to support you. Very few.

About David:

David is a former U.S. Marine turned Rocker / Reiki Master. From Theater to Rock Frontman with numerous live shows and recordings under his belt. Currently the lead vocalist for the Bay area band 'Kill Ritual', Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Purple' - A Tribute to Stone Temple Pilots and Scott Weiland here in Las Vegas. David writes inspirational and sometimes unconventional blogs on his website, ‘The Reiki Rocker’ and hopes to inspire and attract other like minded souls, be they Rock Stars or Rock Fans. “The Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle isn’t just Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll anymore. To maintain longevity it’s also, meditation, exercise and eating healthy.”

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