Sin City Presents Magazine May 2016 Volume 3 Issue 5 - Page 63



A very special thank you to all of our friends, fans and readers that donated to support TEAM ROXX in the 2016 AIDS Walk held on Sunday April 17th at Town Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Despite being up against som pretty heavy hitters Team ROXX finished in 3rd place out of a total of 113 teams.

9 Team Roxx members KICKED fundraising ASS!! With 116 donations that were made by amazing and generous people - some even donated twice!!

Together Team ROXX team members raised a total $3,350 dollars qualifying the team for the Penn & Teller matching donation for a grand total of $6700 to benefit AFAN Aid for AIDS of Nevada.

"I am not one to cry, but I can't help it right now. I am so overwhelmed and grateful and I can never thank you all enough," said team organizer Dana ROXX.

Team ROXX Team Memers:

Sin City Presents First Ladies of Rock Dana Roxx and Nancy Harris, Guitarist Johnny ROXX (Rockit, FOXXY ROXXY, Blue String Theory and ROXX) Bassist Paulie Walnuts ( Smashing Alice), local promoter Nicki Hiers, Jennifer Fennichia, Michael & Melissa Thomas, Vikki Eagan, along with friends, family and their official team mascot Angel Walnuts.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead